Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept 7

So I have been playing Dead Island for a bit and here is what I think of it so far;

- Melee centered making it different from most other zombie games
- Items have different stats (e.x. My bat has 10 damage and a shank has 8)
- Skill-tree
- Which character you choose makes a difference

- Withing 3 hours of playing, already started to run into glitches that would freeze zombies in the air when I knock them down.
- Connecting to another player's co-op game is too difficult. They do have a feature where when in game, a message will appear telling press left directional pad to join another person's game who has similar progress. Yet this has only popped up about 4 times for me after playing between8-12 hours
- Weapons break way too fast. I seriously killed 3 zeds with a knife and it was already 3/4 broken

My Total score of 8/10 stands firm. If you enjoy zombie games or first person fighters, this game is for you.


  1. Nice work on the gaming buddy. I'll have to check out Dead Island some time in the future.

  2. glad that you can play games again, that means your daughter is ok now, right?

  3. Yea I read about this on that OmegaGamers,Omegaman, Hardcore gaming blog. Looks cool, but I hear its really buggy.

  4. Ive been watching videos of people playing on you tube and it seems a bit glitchy i some places but it still looks like a great Game :D

  5. I'm desperate to play this one. I have been waiting this for a while. Sadly it hasn't been released yet in my country.

  6. so jealous that you already got to play this

  7. Too poor. And I'd be getting Space Marine before this had I any money.