Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sept 3

Well hello again! I had a very nice night with the wife, but it seems my little girl is sick again. The older sister woke up and joined me and the younger sis, then proceed to cough into her face multiple times until I had to be mean to get my point across to her to cover her mouth.So now when she starts to cry for us, she starts making a coughing sound like she is choking. We will just have to see, but this is my projection of the future having her sick again.

Now for this post's random video. The darker guy has some strong and explosive kicks.


  1. sorry to know your daughter is sick. Hope she is fine and will recover soon.

  2. awwww, i hope she gets well soon.
    "then proceed to cough into her face multiple times"
    XD damn, i hope she doesnt spread the sickness!

  3. sorry to hear the girl is sick again.
    hope she recovers for good this time

  4. This video is awesome. Hope the girl gets better soon buddy. That must be worrying. :/

  5. I wouldn't mess with that guy in the video. Hope everyone gets healthy soon, being sick sucks.

  6. great vid, hope your daughter gets better