Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sep 1

Just 5 more days until I pick up Dead Island! I'm so excited to play this game my wife is tired of hearing about it. I have just $30 more to pay if off fully, which will be no problem.

Random News:
I am kicking ass at UFC online
An old friend is going to have a baby
My baby is the best baby ever (because I'm her dad)
And from an agreement, I am now allowed to dance in front of my wife

Now I will jam out and shake my tail-feather to stuff like this.


  1. gratz on ufc, cant say im a fan of that radio play stuff though

  2. Great song, surprised I havnt heard it before...

  3. Hahaha!

    Waifu no undestand proper Gamer feelings!

  4. This is actually surprisingly awesome and I'm not Wayne's biggest fan.

  5. I was wondering if Wayne was ever gonna get up from that chair or just hang in the background all video.

  6. I cant wait for Dead Island its gonna be Awesome :D

  7. You should be able to dance anywhere. Except Missouri. No dancing in Missouri.

  8. gimmie some feed back on dead island i heard its suppose to be promising