Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aug 20

I am finally over being sick! Now I will be able to be a bit more active with my updates. So that means back to work and making money for me, which was needed. It was kinda surprising that only 2 people commented asking how I was on Facebook, along with one friend actually calling me within 5 minutes of posting. Either most people don't care about me or didn't know the severity of meningitis. Either way, my fever has dropped and I am almost 100% again.

I also am thinking about making another blog to suite other interests of mine, just haven't decided which, if any, between; Console games, UFC:Undisputed 2010, or a semi-daily tidbit of comedy blog.

And a bit of unrelated stuff here is a video I enjoyed.


  1. Good luck with the recovery. Btw, I still dont know why you Amerians always overrate Bruce Lee so much. Of course, he was good but really not as good as you may think. After all he was but an actor, not a real fighter.

  2. Woooo for being better. You have more people replying to you of Facebook at least.

  3. Bruce Lee was a fighter then an actor.

  4. Long live Bruce Lee!

  5. Ouch, good to see you're doing better.

    Or maybe you're like me and nobody knows about your "other" life on Facebook. I barely told anyone about my hospital trips until I got better.